Welcome to Music and Wellbeing!
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Welcome to the Music and Wellbeing website.

Music and Wellbeing is a research unit within the Music Department at the University of Sheffield. It was launched on May 5th 2015.

We are dedicated to studying the role of music in both everyday and extraordinary life challenges.

Is music good for my memory?

Can music help me sleep?

In what ways can music support care for individuals living with dementia?

How can practice environments be optimised for musicians?

How can we support musicians living with depression?

In what ways does musical practice support the development of young children from deprived communities?

All these questions, and more, represent the current project interests within Music and Wellbeing. See our Projects page for more details.

You can also visit our YouTube channel, which features videos (talks, video blogs) from the Music & Wellbeing team and our Facebook page for our latest news!

Recent News