Music & Wellbeing on BBC 6Music

Dr Victoria Williamson appeared recently on BBC 6Music discussing how music affects the brain in order to help our state of wellbeing

Mary Anne Hobbs hosts a weekend radio show on BBC 6Music, which regularly attracts in the region of 2 million listeners.

On 19th February 2017 the weekend show focused on the relationship between Music & Wellbeing and Dr Victoria Williamson (Music) provided a feature for the programme known as the ‘three minute epiphany’.

The three minute epiphany allows guests to give brief yet insightful answers to a series of related burning questions from Mary Anne Hobbs.

Dr Williamson was asked to comment on the way in which music impacts on the human brain, mind and body, including our abilities to concentrate, sleep, speak and even walk…

The programme can be heard again on BBC iPlayer