Projects Overview


  • Our Earworms project comprises a British Academy Small Grant awarded to Lisa Marie Emerson (Sheffield, Psychology) and Dr Williamson to investigate the links between Obsessive Intrusive Thoughts and Earworms. Our first paper can be found here, showing a new method for covertly inducing and sampling different forms of spontaneous cognition .
  • This study was followed by a 3 year project run Dr Georgina Floridou and funded by a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship on ‘earworms as we age’.
  • Our ‘Music in Dementia’ project has been supported by funding from the University of Sheffield IIKE fund (Sabbatical award to Dr. Williamson)
  • Our role in the Music and Socialisation project (‘Euphonia’ – Capturing social musicality in the human voice) is funded by a Wellcome Trust Large Arts Award in collaboration with a large group of academic partners lead by the artist Emma Smith and the Arnolfini Gallery

All the projects represent exciting collaborations with a wide variety of funders and partners:

    • UK Universities (Kings College, Goldsmiths, Lincoln, Durham)

For any details and questions about these or the other projects, while the centre website is being constructed, please fill in the form below.