• Our Earworms project comprises a British Academy Small Grant awarded to Lisa Marie Emerson (Sheffield, Psychology) and Dr Williamson (2016-2017) to investigate the links between Obsessive Intrusive Thoughts and Earworms. This study will be followed in 2017 by a 3 year project to be run by Dr Georgina Floridou and funded by a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship on ‘earworms as we age’.
  • Our ‘Music in Dementia’ project has been supported by funding from the University of Sheffield IIKE fund (Sabbatical award to Dr Williamson)
  • Our music for sleep project has been supported by a small grant from the Experimental Psychological Society (to Dr. Durrant) and an award from Arts Enterprise to fund our first project infographic!
  • Our role in the Music and Socialisation project (‘Euphonia’ – Capturing social musicality in the human voice) is funded by a Wellcome Trust Large Arts Award in collaboration with a large group of academic partners lead by the artist Emma Smith and the Arnolfini Gallery

All the projects represent exciting collaborations with a wide variety of funders and partners:

Some of the projects already have dedicated external websites:

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